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Born in February of 2016.

 Sylmar is an indie-rock, stoner-jazz,dream-rock, quintet based in Cincinnati. They play in rock bars, college hangouts, basements, theaters and festivals with a fat-grinned enthusiasm. In June, 2017 they released their self-titled, debut LP. They were also nominated for Best New Artist and Best Indie Band at the 2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (CEA).

 Vocalist Brian McCullough (tenor_SM58) has a lot to work with, sometimes holding on to the melody and other times dangling off the edge (figurativly and literally, like this guy has a 90% chance of falling off the stage). Luke Glaser (guitar_riviera) and Dan Sutter (guitar_strat) rotate between rhythm and lead guitar with a cool demeanor. Stylistically, their tone and technique differ quite a bit, but together they create a beautiful, melodic dynamic, dripping with atmosphere and lo-fi sensibilities. Chase Watkins (bass_unknown) and CJ Eliasen (drums_ludwig/cymbals_meinl)are strapping lads. They write cutting rhythms that counter and combine, drive and float, easy to digest but difficult to harness. 

Sylmar songwriting conflicts, 

taking rock genre to the meat grinder. Contagious hooks and crafty crescendos are often hampered by time changes, false endings and raucous improvisation, resulting in a bold, original, and accessible sound. Just enough to keep the crowd both on their toes in anticipation as well as on their feet, dancing.

Like Korean cuisine, Sylmar is best enjoyed live.

"Their music takes you on some slimy, dreamy, canoe trip, floating alongside soy bean fields and corn stalks, without a care in the world, until an unexpected class five rapid pummels you right before the city limits sign. Combine Findlay Avenue sewer stench with the feel of your grandmothers vintage porcelain dinner ware, meticulously placed in a Victorian China cabinet.

And you get Sylmar.

At least that's how I see it." (Fan)


Hear it in their self-titled, debut LP _ (See Home Page Please)